Mahajan Overseas


We believe that without significant changes to the way the planet is run, it will suffer irreparable damage! As concerns such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution have become more widespread- we at Mahajan Overseas have shifted to embrace sustainable practices and policies by implementing sustainable business practices.

Today, we are investing in green technology to create a sustainable business. Being environmentally responsible pushes us to balance long-term benefits with immediate returns, meeting our inclusive & sustainable objectives. Cutting emissions, lowering energy usage, ensuring proper waste disposal, and reducing the carbon footprint are some of our sustainability goals to better the environment’s health.

Global Recycled Standard


Higg Index

ISO 9001: UKAS


BSI Certificate of Energy Management System

BSI Certificate of Quality Management System

SGS Certificate

Global Organic Textile Standard

BSCI Compliance

Indian Green Building Council

M&S Eco-factory Standard