Mahajan Overseas

Manufacturing the Future of Textiles

Mahajan Overseas is manufacturing the future of textiles and delivering excellence through its world-class manufacturing facilities. Our expansive and futuristic infrastructure is equipped with next-generation machinery. With great precision to every little detail, we are constantly innovating and evolving our processes to ensure we deliver quality products to our patrons.

Design Studio and Experimentation

We combine our creative capabilities with functional and technical aspects of fabric to visualize and create the finished product. We create and evolve a plan using lines, forms, colors, and patterns for woven, printed, and embellished fabric.

Chenille Yarn

We at Mahajan Overseas have the first of its kind in India – an Italian Chenille machine to create and manufacture soft, lustrous, and comfortable chenille fabric in significant quantities. The fully automated machines can produce different ranges from 1 nm to 12 mn of Chenille yarn, from finest to thickest, using various fibers, including cotton and others.

Yarn Dyeing

Dyeing is applied at various stages within the manufacturing process. Yarn dyeing is a step before the fabric manufacturing process. We are equipped with various machines to produce space-dyed effects and process several types of yarn, including hank and cone.


Weaving is a process of combining warp and weft to form a woven fabric. The lengthwise yarns and crosswise yarns are interlaced with great precision. We have a wide range of looms – Dobby loom, Jacquard loom, Pit loom, and Frame loom that enable us to produce different widths of different fabrics.

Fabric Dyeing

To achieve the desired color fastness and uniformity, we have various types of machinery, such as jiggers and soft flows, as well as winches and Pandora to jet dyeing machines capable of dyeing fabrics with wider widths and heavier weights in various forms, such as flat, roped, etc.


We are a one-stop solution for printing ranging from hand Screen to rotary, engineered printing on piece form to continuous fabric length. We offer the intricate water color look designs upto 12 colors. We use a multiple-stencil-screen setup capable of transferring the design with myriad colours and shades on fabric. Our Printing capability includes digital prints in engineered piece form top continuous fabric length.

Machine Embroidery & Quilting

A process whereby a computerized sewing machine or embroidery machine having multiple heads and needles creates a predefined design pattern on the fabric. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with versatile German, Japanese, and Taiwan-made embroidery machines with different combinations of repeat sizes that enable us to create different design scales. Crewel, Chain Embroidery, Terry Embroidery, Cording, Sequin, and Beading are some of the intricate techniques and embroidery we do at our facility.

Sampling & RnD

Turning inspiration into reality, we design and produce quality products. Our versatile designers work relentlessly to deliver world-class designs and quality products. Our design studio is equipped with softwares like Nedgraphics, which is used in Dobby design, Print design, Jacquards design, and 3D Mapping; Embroidery softwares like EPC Win, Wilcom; Quilting softwares like Meca DB and AVA print layers and Coloring software.

Fabric Inspection

It is an essential process for maintaining our products’ quality. We use the popular 4-point approach for fabric inspection at Mahajan Overseas. The fabric is checked for color, density, weight, measurement, and other parameters.


Fabric cutting is another crucial step of the production process. Cut components are separated based on different shapes and sizes while keeping the designs and patterns in mind, which are then used for fabrication or stitching.


Fashioning the fabric into a finished product using different means of sewing techniques. Stitching is one of the essential processes of production whereby multiple pieces of cut panels are attached to create a shape according to the given requirements. Done with great care and precision, the process holds extreme significance in manufacturing.

Quality & Inspection

We pay utmost attention to the quality of our products, and it is our guiding principle to never compromise on quality. With a single-minded objective to deliver the best to our customers, we have set up a dedicated Quality Control Team at Mahajan Overseas to ensure that each piece we manufacture is meticulous and error-free. Every product we deliver undergoes a stringent quality check for strength, pilling, staining, etc., at every production stage. An ISO-certified company, Mahajan Overseas follows high international standards at every step.

Packaging Department

The process of wrapping, compressing, and filling of products for protection and convenient handling; packaging is one of the final steps of the production process. Packaging includes the final folding and packing of the finished product using different methods and materials like fabric bags, poly bags, and others. The packed products are then placed into cartons and are transported to their final destination.